Walk south from the main parking lot at Schodack Island State Park and head along the Hudson River on the Orange Trail and you will catch views of the river.  The trails are wide and sandy.  At two and a half miles you will pass the remains of an old ice house.  Look for connecting trails with Orange markers, and take one if you want to switch to the Yellow Trail which runs along the creek side of the island.  Along the way you may catch sight of one or more of the park’s deer.  Keep an eye out for one of the several old cars, abandoned years ago and now hidden by trees and brush, reminders that this area was once cleared farm land, planted with corn and other crops.  Can you find the trail that leads to a viewing blind along the Schodack Creek?  A great place to observe birds and other wildlife.  The island across the creek is Little Schodack Island.  If the tide is low, the creek is mostly a wide mud flat with a narrow channel of water, a favorite place for Great Blue Herons to hunt small fish.

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